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Behavior Support Programs

At Prairie Vista South we support all the school sites to STOP poor behavior.

Prairie Vista South houses the district’s STOP Program. STOP stands for Short Term Opportunity Program. The purpose of the program is to allow students an opportunity to correct behaviors that they have exhibited at their school site. STOP is a step before formal suspension. We have two STOP classes. The elementary class is taught by Ms. Cunningham and the middle school class is taught by Ms. McKee.

To further support the school sites, PV South also houses two other discipline based programs, Opportunity and Alternative Ed. The opportunity class is for students who need a 30 day placement off of their campus. This class is taught by Mr. Belknap. Alternative Ed is a program taught by Mr. McLurkin and is a 45+ day placement. Both of these programs focus on correcting student behavior in a disciplined environment.

The Hawthorne School District is committed to teaching students appropriate behavior which will allow them to achieve success throughout their life. The STOP program provides interventions to support students as they learn and develop these skills.

Pictured (from left to right), Ms. Cunningham, Mr. Belknap, Mr. McLurkin and Ms. McKee