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STOP/Opportunity Student Expectations




Cafeteria/Lunch Area


Be Respectful

Follow directions the first time when given by any adult on campus


Use school-appropriate language


Look at person speaking to you


Use a quiet voice

Demonstrate a positive attitude and positive body language (sitting up, facing forward)


Take turns speaking


Use a quiet voice


Keep hands/feet to yourself


Walk through the hallways


Hold all sports equipment


Use a quiet voice


Listen to and follow adult requests


Line up appropriately


Use appropriate personal space


Follow game rules


Use appropriate language


Be Responsible

Stay in class the whole day


Bring required materials


Complete assignments


Clean up after yourself


Wear school uniform


Turn in your cell phone each morning


Carry belongings




Talk in a quiet voice


Clean up after yourself


Eat your own food


Sit on benches/chairs


Finish food in assigned area


Use equipment properly


Wear appropriate footwear


Use Your

Best Effort

Participate in the activity


Complete work with best effort


Ask for help appropriately




Use good table manners


Use manners with cafeteria staff


Include others in your game


Participate in activities


Be Safe

Keep hands and feet to yourself


Use materials for their intended purpose (scissors to cut)


Ask permission to leave seat


Hold on to personal items


Sit in red chairs while waiting for class to start/leave at dismissal


Keep your hands/feet to yourself


Walk at all times


Wait your turn/stay in line


Walk to your class


Follow the rules/directions of the game/coach